ALD Electric

Welcome to electric mobility and a green future!

ALD Electric provides analysis, advice and customer support when implementing electric vehicles to fleets.

Not sure if your company’s fleet is ready for a green future? 

Electric and hybrid vehicles are a unique solution for companies looking for a ride towards a sustainable fleet policy and business in general. Provide your vehicles with new, cleaner and more sustainable energy!

A green vehicle is the right choice for you if:

  • You generally do not drive long distances per day
  • You don't exceed 15,000 km per year (valid for EV and PHEV)
  • There is infrastructure for charging vehicles at locations of movement or the possibility of charging overnight
  • You want to contribute to caring for the planet
  • Corporate social responsibility is one of your business imperatives

For ALD Automotive, the use of clean energy is a fundamental step towards sustainable mobility and that is why we are fully adapting our service to the new reality. With innovative solutions we make mobility flexible, and at the same time we maintain socially responsible business at the heart of our development policy.

We are ready for changes and new mobility, and we are here to make your decision easier.

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