Responsibility to clients, vehicle users and employees

Corporate social responsibility is one of our top priorities, it is built into our culture and is a clear demonstration of our core values - team spirit, commitment, responsibility and innovation. 

We are responsible to our clients and employees, as well as to the environment and society in general. With successful business, we contribute to economic development. At the same time we are doing our best to contribute the quality of life of our employees and their families, as well as the entire community and the society as a whole. 

Our employees are focused on achieving goals and are the basis of our success. We build team spirit together and achieve results. As an employer, we are working on increasing employment and improving the working conditions and employee satisfaction. 

We constanly take care of our client's needs and expectations, and we use innovative tools and applications for communication. Our detailed analyzes determine the best options and create individualized solutions for your fleet. 

We regularly conduct annual customer satisfaction surveys as well as drivers satisfaction surveys and based on feedback we take various activities to improve our service.

We encourage driving safely to increase road safety and to help reduce CO2 emissions to the environment. We recognize the importance of reduced consumption of natural resources and waste generation among our employees. 

Except for our business partners and employees, we also monitor the needs within the community or society, based on which we develop humanitarian, solidarity or sponsorship initiatives.


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