At a glance: fleet optimisation through TCO analyses
Optifleet: Optimum analysis

With Optifleet, ALD Automotive offers a TCO analysis that provides a decision-making basis for additions to your fleet. It can also be used as an analysis tool for continual fleet optimisation. Optifleet also determines TCO in the case of leasing and breaks down leasing rates to identify cost drivers.

Optifleet compares all models in a vehicle class, objectively and regardless of brand; the TCO analysis takes account of all relevant fleet data.

In the process, the tool draws on a comprehensive pool of data to help you make the right procurement decisions. The purpose, utilisation rate, level of motorisation and fittings of existing vehicles in your fleet are analysed and assessed.

It also takes account of your company's car policy and many other economic and environmental considerations, such as upper limits on acquisition value and maximum carbon emissions. You also retain an overview of hidden costs and all relevant values to optimise your fleet.

The result is unbeatable customer focus!

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