Benefits of Full Service Leasing

Why full service leasing for a company car?
The advantage is clear.

Take advantage of the benefits of full service leasing when acquiring a company car or fleet of vehicles.

Full service leasing from ALD Automotive gives you the following practical advantages:

  • You have transparent costs thanks to fixed leasing rates for the entire term; no nasty surprises.
  • You can plan reliably, minimising the risks of pricing, utilisation and residual value.
  • You also save money thanks to the full tax deductibility of leasing rates.
  • Daily and collective monthly invoices ensure clarity and transparency.
  • You avoid financial disadvantages thanks to guaranteed residual value.
  • Cash flow is increased, enhancing your liquidity.
  • Full service leasing includes the option of availing all services within the ALD Automotive partner network on a cashless basis.
  • You have one central contact who oversees all matters relating to your vehicle fleet.
  • By reducing the administrative workload, you are free to deploy your staff efficiently in other areas.
  • Guaranteed mobility thanks to replacement vehicles provided at short notice.

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